Aids Awareness Chart

  1. HIV For Aids Chart

    HIV For Aids Chart excellently displays the complete mechanism of infection caused by human immunodeficiency virus. It is highly appreciated for having a beautiful & large colorful picture of HIV virus at the top with properly marked names of its parts. This chart is divided into two sections, where upper one depicts the microscopic structure and lower one has an image showing step by step process of virus replication inside the body.
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  2. Transmission of HIV Chart

    Transmission of HIV Chart is most commonly used in schools & colleges for educating children about the ways of Virus spread from one another. With the help of clear pictures, it displays how human immunodeficiency virus can be transported from an infected person to the other. The methods told by this chart includes unprotected oral, anal, & vaginal sex, breast feeding, use of unsterilized surgical instruments by doctors, transplantation of infected organ, and blood transfusion.
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  3. Prevention Chart

    Prevention Chart is required for educational purpose in schools and colleges for giving necessary knowledge to children. It shows the methods by which HIV transmission can be prevented in adults as well as infant. This chart is printed with the images of different preventive measures with written names beneath them. Ways told by this chart includes use of condoms, avoid multiple sexual partners, proper drug treatment during pregnancy, and use of sterile needles & avoid sharing.
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  4. Opportunistic Diseases Chart

    Opportunistic Diseases Chart shows some infections caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or protozoa by attacking to weakened immune system & replicating inside the host. It is comprised of 6 different images showing Kaposi's Sarcoma, Candidiasis, Pneumocystis carinii, Lymphomas, CMV Infection, and Herpes simplex infection. This chart clearly displays the actual condition under these diseases with the general definition at the top. It is laminated with a polyethylene film on both the surfaces assuring its high tear resistance.
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