Alphabet Charts

  1. English Alphabet Chart

    English Alphabet Chart is primarily utilized in play schools for nursery, LKG, & UKG kids. It is clearly printed with all the 26 alphabets in cursive, uppercase, & small case. This chart also has images of things that start from their respective alphabets, for example, apple, cat, & orange. This chart is highly appreciated for its vibrant color combination with laminated surface assuring its water proof nature.
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  2. Hindi Alphabet Chart

    Hindi Alphabet Chart is highly appreciated for its beautiful color images with big sized letters with corresponding images. It is required in nursery schools for hanging on wall with the help of provided pipes at the top & bottom. This chart is also layered with heat treated film assuring its high dust & water resistance. It makes teaching process attractive & more interactive ensuring better understanding for kids.
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  3. Hindi Barakhadi Chart

    Hindi Barakhadi Chart is designed & printed on premium quality glossy paper with digital technology to assure its attractive appearance. Use of this chart is an interactive method for the clear & better understanding of Hindi consonants & vowels. It has different colors and beautiful images for allowing kids to easily identify accurate pictures. This chart is also provided with plastic pipes at the top & bottom for its easy folding and hanging.
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  4. Tamil Alphabet Chart

    Tamil Alphabet Chart is a plastic film coated paper from both sides to assure its high tear resistance & durability. It is printed with graphical images and letters of Tamil alphabets for assuring easy learning. This chart is widely used at the nursery level and can also be utilized at home for educating kids. It can be availed in different sizes as desired by the customer.
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  5. Telugu Alphabet Charts

    Telugu Alphabet Charts have beautifully printed images with vibrant colors assuring its alluring appearance. They are provided with all the alphabets of Telugu language in large size with their respective images. These charts are used in play way schools, houses, & tuition centers for teaching kids with fun and in an interactive fashion. They not only let children to learn about alphabets but also make them able to differentiate between various animals & body parts.
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  6. Tamil Barakhadi Charts

    Tamil Barakhadi Charts are designed having a tabular form where one complete column is printed with images and rows have corresponding alphabets. They are greatly admired for their beautiful color combination for clear differentiation & identification of letters. These charts are made with digital printing technology using high grade glossy paper. They can easily be hanged on the wall & can also be pasted on the notice board with the help of pin.
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  7. Telugu Barakhari Chart

    Telugu Barakhari Chart is required to educate nursery kids about their regional language in interactive fashion and with fun. It is designed uniquely to allow easy detection of every single alphabet corresponding to its image. This chart is printed with appropriate size letters that are visible from a fair distance. It is laminated with heat treated film from both the sides to give it high tear resistance.
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  8. Malayalam Alphabet Chart

    Malayalam Alphabet Chart is highly appreciated for its big size images with their corresponding letters, beautiful colors, and high dust resistance. It is required for teaching regional language to kids in the most effective fashion. Children learn more when they see rather when they only listen. This chart works on the similar principle as it makes education more interactive and fun. It can easily be cut and pasted on home work notebook.
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