Botany Charts

  1. Plant Kingdom Chart

    Plant Kingdom Chart clearly displays the pictorial & written information of different classifications including Cryptogamae & Phanerogame. Their sub classifications are also provided with brief information & respective images. It is required for doing project & homework in both primary & secondary sections. This chart can also be availed in large size with attached rollers on top & bottom for hanging for classroom teaching purpose.
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  2. Typical Plant Chart

    Typical Plant Chart is provided with the information of flowering & non-flowering plants with their respective images. It also has a picture at the center showing different parts of plants including flowers, petal, leaves, & roots. This chart is highly appreciated for its excellent colorful image quality and a provided section for showing other classification. With every part, it also has a brief description of its functioning.
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  3. Typical Plant Cell chart

    Typical Plant Cell chart is used for studying the microscopic structure having clear image of all parts with their names. It is designed having a big size image of plant cell with parts at the center and upper & lower section is printed with their function. This chart is extensively used at the school level for teaching children. It has individual colors for different areas to assure easy identification & better learning.
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  4. Plant Cell Organelles Chart

    Plant Cell Organelles Chart is highly appreciated for its supreme image quality with vibrant color shades. It is required to learn about the structural biochemistry of cell organelles of plant. This chart is separately printed with different microscopic parts with their respective names & function. It is also comprised of structural configuration of each part highlighted with the help of arrows to identify its name.
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  5. Plant Tissues Chart

    Plant Tissues Chart is made using latest printing technology on high grade paper. It is most commonly utilized at the school level for educational purpose. This chart is provided with the information of different types of plant tissues including parenchyma, collenchymas, & sclerenchyma with their characteristics & cross section image. It has different sections that explain meristematic, permanent, complex permanent & secondary tissue types briefly having their respective colorful pictures.
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  6. Plant Cell Mitosis Chart

    Plant Cell Mitosis Chart is used to study separation of chromosomes into two new nuclei that are distributed to daughter cells. It clearly displays different stages of the complete process with pictures & description. Having three sections, this chart clearly depicts pictorial presentation of interphase, prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, & telophase. It is greatly admired for its clear information which is very easy to understand.
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  7. Plant Cell Meiosis Chart

    Plant Cell Meiosis Chart is a pictorial representation of how chromosomes are reduced to half during cell division. It is printed with a number of pictures clearly displaying every single step with different colors. This chart is also provided with written information to assure better understanding. It can also be used to cut & paste these images in the school note books. This chart easily clears the concept behind the meiosis process by just attentively looking at the images once.
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  8. Fruits Chart

    Fruits Chart is greatly admired for supreme quality digitally printed images with vibrant original-like color shades. It is comprised of a number of pictures of fruits with their respective names for clear identification. This chart is made using a high quality glossy paper with a coating of polyethylene film to assure its great tear resistance and easy to hang nature. It is most commonly used for teaching small children studying at nursery level.
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