Chemistry Lab Display Charts

  1. Modern Periodic Table Chart

    Modern Periodic Table Chart is designed in accordance with the IUPAC instructions to assure correct information for children. It is comprised of symbols, atomic mass, and chemical names of the elements in order. This chart is very informative in nature as it has individual colors according to their electron configurations and chemical properties. It has the tabular arrangement showing different chemical groups with their classification. This chart is also used for pasting in your chemistry notebook for reference purpose.
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  2. Mendeleev's Periodic Chart

    Mendeleev's Periodic Chart displays the information of elements in rows or columns according to their atomic mass, where a new column starts when the characteristics of chemical begin to repeat. It also depicts the advantages of this type of periodic table and properties of elements. This chart is printed colorfully showing eight different groups. It has the symbols of elements along with their weight and full name.
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  3. Laboratory Safety Chart

    Laboratory Safety Chart shows the techniques and etiquettes to be followed while working the lab. It displays correct measures to be followed for handling explosive chemicals, infected samples, discarding waste, and mixing & heating to reagents. This chart is extensively used in the laboratories of schools and colleges to educate children about the methods and prevent them from any harm. It also tells that eatables should not be consumed in the working area, gloves are must, and always write name of chemical on the bottle.
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  4. Laboratory Techniques Chart

    Laboratory Techniques Chart is most commonly pasted on the board of all school labs to teach children working there. It beautifully displays with the help of pictures that how reagents bottles are handled, titration method, mixing & pouring of chemicals, weighing, flame heating of working fluids, and wearing of eye glass is must while working with contagious samples. This chart is also used for pasting these images on science practical notebooks.
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  5. PH Scale Color Chart

    PH Scale Color Chart is printed with a color wheel showing the simplest method to check whether an unknown sample is acid or base. It shows the example that which color will a strong or weak acid & alkali will get when a pH strip is inserted in it. This chart is also provided with the examples of solutions which will produce the exact color as shown according to its hydrogen ion concentration.
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