Food And Nutrition Charts

  1. Our Food Chart

    Our Food Chart is required to educate children about balanced diet and its benefits for the human body. It is printed with the food pyramid depicting the optimal number of servings to be consumed each day. This chart is printed with a table at its bottom showing the numerical values of daily requirement of nutrients. For proper knowledge, it is comprised of a section to the top that has the representation of components of food.
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  2. Proteins Chart

    Proteins Chart shows the health benefits of eating different types of foods from plant & animal sources including cereals, fruits, vegetables, meat, & fish. It is also comprised of a section displaying various functions of proteins with images. This chart also shows pictures of the life stages that require high amount of protein. It will help children to maintain a nutritious diet for keeping their mind & body healthy.
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  3. Fats Chart

    Fats Chart is printed with the images of fat containing food sources including oil, egg, ghee, milk, coconut, red meat, & fish oil. At the top, it is comprised of a section displaying the definition & classification of fats and brief information about essential fatty acids. This chart also explains the functions of fats in different parts of the body. It is highly appreciated for having colorful pictures and high tear resistance due to the presence of a thin film of polyethylene.
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  4. Carbohydrates Chart

    Carbohydrates Chart displays brief information about a biomolecule which consists of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. It is printed with precise information of carbohydrates including its definition, sources, functions in different body parts, and classification. This chart is widely used in schools and tuitions for educational purpose. It is provided with plastic rollers to assure its durability and easy hanging. This chart is made using a high grade glossy paper to provide its beautiful appearance.
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  5. Vitamins Chart

    Vitamins Chart is printed having two separate sections explaining different types. On the upper part, it is comprised of brief information about fat soluble vitamins including A, D, E, & K with images. The lower part of this chart consists of pictorial & written representation of water soluble ones including vitamin B complex and C. It is also provided with the sources and reasons for the requirement by our body.
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  6. Water & Roughage Chart

    Water & Roughage Chart is designed & printed using premium quality paper & digital printing technique. It depicts the colorful pictorial representation of the sources of water & roughage with their images & names. This chart is also comprised of their functions & benefits in different parts of the body. It helps teachers & guardians to teach children in an interactive way which results in their better understanding.
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  7. Deficiency Diseases Chart

    Deficiency Diseases Chart displays various conditions that might occur due to lack of proteins and vitamins in the body. It is comprised of different sections showing the images of kwashiorkor, marasmus, osteomalacia, beri-beri, goiter, anemia, scurvy, night blindness, pellagra, and dental caries. With each picture, this chart also shows its symptoms & causes in separate bullet points. It is digitally printed on superior grade glossy paper with a coating of laminated film on both sides.
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  8. Deficiency Disorders Chart

    Deficiency Disorders Chart is required to teach student about the negative effects of overconsumption of food. It is provided with the images and written information about different conditions that occur due to overeating. This chart displays obesity, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, hypervitaminosis A, and hypervitaminosis D. It is also provided with the brief information of their causes and symptoms. To assure its high tear resistance, it is laminated with a layer of polyethylene on both surfaces.
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  9. Food's Nutrition Value Chart

    Food's Nutrition Value Chart depicts numerical data of calories, fat, sodium, potassium, carbohydrate, fiber, sugar, & protein in different vegetables & fruits. It has information in tabular form which for easily reading the corresponding data. This chart is provided with plastic rollers for its easy hanging & rolling. It is most commonly used in primary & secondary schools for doing science based projects & home works.
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