General Charts

  1. The Cell Theory Chart

    The Cell Theory Chart is printed with the information of cell biology and with brief written information. Having separate sections, it effectively explains the definition of unicellular & multicellular organisms with their microscopic images. This chart also consists of beautiful pictures along with precise explanation of different types of cells. It is ideal to be used for doing science project & home work by pasting these images on scrap book.
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  2. DNA Charts

    DNA Charts display the beautiful pictorial representation of the microscopic structure of deoxyribonucleic acid. At the top, they are provided with a 2 line definition of DNA under which its different forms are shown. To the bottom, these charts are printed with the brief information of nucleotides from which DNA is made with colorful images. They are highly appreciated for having big size pictures having individual colors showing different bonds & grooves.
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  3. RNA Charts

    RNA Charts are required to study the brief information of genetic material assisting in protein synthesis in our body. They are provided with the short written description about ribonucleic acid at the top. In the middle, these charts are digitally printed having molecular and microscopic structure of RNA. Use of individual colors for displaying different bonds & nucleotides make them interactive assuring effective & better learning for students.
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  4. Origin of Life Chart

    Origin of Life Chart beautifully explains the evolution of prokaryotes & eukaryotes with proper steps. It is highly appreciated for having high quality color images displaying the process with the help of marked arrows. This chart is also provided with a brief history of the experiment carried out by scientists in the year 1953. It is coated with a layer of polyethylene film on both the surfaces to give it high tear & water resistance.
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  5. Animal Husbandry Chart

    Animal Husbandry Chart is required to educate primary & secondary school children about the technique utilized in farms for managing livestock. It is made with the help of digital printing technology using supreme grade paper. This chart depicts pictorial representation of all the steps involving in animal husbandry. With beautiful pictures, it is also provided with the brief explanation of every single step including breeding, feeding, weeding, & heeding.
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  6. Economic Plants Chart

    Economic Plants Chart is beautifully printed with different categories of crops that have some monetary value. It is comprised of 12 separate sections having pictures & names of cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits & nuts, fiber crops, oil seeds, spices, timber, beverages, ornamental flowers, sugar crops, & medicinal plants. This chart will allow children to have a brief idea about different herbs & edible crops. It is also comprised of plastic rollers fitted on the bottom & top the chart for easy hanging.
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