Geographical Models & Apparatus

  1. Sextant Model

    Sextant Model is required for measuring the angular distance between two visible objects. It is a doubly reflecting navigation instrument that allows measuring celestial objects relative to the horizon. This model is comprised of a frame, dived arc, vernier, and a glass mirror. It is highly appreciated for its precision and is used by holding the instrument and placing in front of an eye.
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  2. Theodolite Model

    Theodolite Model is comprised of a telescope which is mounted within 2 perpendicular axes, microscope focusing knob, micrometer assembly, reticle-illumination knob, sunshade, and plate level. It is required to measure the angles in horizontal & vertical planes and is known for its accuracy & precision. This model is utilized for various surveying applications and also for rocket launch & meteorology. The two axes used in this model are trunnion and zenith.
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  3. Solar System Model

    Solar System Model is a beautiful 3D presentation of the rotation of all 9 planets with the help an installed rotary motor. It has been efficiently made using different colored balls, metal pipes, and a precisely designed printed circuit board. This model is most commonly used for science projects and laboratories in schools for interactive learning, which aid in the better understanding of the concept.
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