Healthcare Charts

  1. Health Rules Chart

    Health Rules Chart is extensively used in schools, coaching centers, tuitions, and houses. It depicts good remedies that must be followed daily to keep your body & mind healthy. Separately printed pictures displays early up, regular brushing of teethes, running, yoga, daily bath, washing hands, vegetables, & fruits before eating, playing outdoor games, timely study, and throwing waste in the dustbin only. This chart is also used for pasting it in a notebook in class or doing home work.
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  2. Causes of Diseases Chart

    Causes of Diseases Chart display beautiful pictorial representation of different agents that create a negative effect on your health. It depicts that disease can be caused by different agents including insect & rodents, sharing towel, blades, & syringes, drinking alcohol, smoking, prolonged mental stress, and eating unhygienic food. This chart is printed with clear pictures with the reasons below them for better understanding.
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  3. Clean Body Chart

    Clean Body Chart displays the pictorial representation of remedies to be followed on daily basis for good health. The information printed on this chart includes drinking clean water in the morning, proper sanitation, regular brushing of teethes & taking bath, don’t allow nails to grow big, and iron clothes before wearing. It helps children to keep their body clean and maintain a good daily routine.
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  4. Clean Water chart

    Clean Water chart is widely used in primary & secondary schools for educational purpose. It shows the importance of drinking clean water for maintaining good health. This chart also displays different traditional methods by which water can be purified in a hassle free manner. It includes images of boiling, water collection sources, and use of cotton cloth for filtration. This chart is highly appreciated for having a laminated layer of polyethylene on both the surfaces.
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  5. Malnutrition Chart

    Malnutrition Chart shows the health conditions that might occur due to consumption of improper diet that has very low content of nutrient required on daily basis. It is provided with the definition of malnutrition on the top with pictures, its symptoms, treatment, and supportive care required. This chart is highly appreciated for having beautiful colored images with precisely written information which is easy to learn & understand.
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  6. Immunization Chart

    Immunization Chart is printed with the government prescribed schedule of fortification of immunogens to the person’s immune system. It displays the name of injection to be applied at a particular age to prevent body from getting diseased from deadly pathogens. With pictorial representation, this chart also shows the mode of antigen administration for better learning of students. It is highly appreciated for having information in both Hindi & English languages.
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