Human Physiology Charts

  1. The Skeleton Chart

    The Skeleton Chart allows students to learn about the names and positions of different bones that are present in our body. It clearly shows the different joints of our hand, foot, vertebral column, skull, rib cage, and pelvis with clear pictures. This chart is printed with both posterior & anterior view of the skeleton system for giving complete information. In addition to images, it is also printed with written description which aids in better learning.
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  2. Muscles Chart

    Muscles Chart is greatly admired for its clearly identifiable colorful images with marked names. It is divided into different section where the large one has pictures of anterior & posterior positions of the body depicting all the muscles. This chart also separately displays the various muscles of hand, face, and other parts of the body with respective images. It also has the short definition of muscular system and its function inside our body.
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  3. Blood Circulation Chart

    Blood Circulation Chart beautifully explains the process of our cardiovascular system with precisely marked images. It displays the positions and names of different veins & arteries in our body. This chart is also provided with the pictures of cross section of blood vessels, hepatic system, structure of a vein, and walls of artery. It precisely depicts the direction of blood flow from heart to different organs and vice-versa.
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  4. Digestive System Chart

    Digestive System Chart is provided with a clear image showing various organs that aid in digestion. It shows the position of liver, intestines, gall bladder, esophagus, and pancreas with colored pictures. This chart also has cross sections of different organs with marking of their layers & parts. It is also comprised of a short description of digestive system facilitating in better & interactive learning.
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  5. Human Eye chart

    Human Eye chart is printed with the images of horizontal section of eyeball & its movement, lateral view of left eye, and a description of the structure. It is also provided with the information & parts of cornea and a pictorial representation of how eye focuses on the object allowing us to see. This chart also displays some of the problems that result in vision impairment and how that can be corrected using appropriate lenses.
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  6. Ear Chart

    Ear Chart is greatly admired for clearly showing different parts & properly marked names with the help of beautiful colored pictures. It is divided into different sections including structure, middle & internal view, and cochlea duce of ears. This chart also displays the process of how sound is heard by the ear. At the bottom, it is also provided a short definition of the ear & importance for our body.
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