Man And Environment Chart

  1. Man & Environment Chart

    Man & Environment Chart is used for studying man made & naturally occurring processes in nature. It displays the clear images with written information for evaporation cycle of water, industrial wastewater disposal, and effects to flora & fauna. This chart is extensively utilized in schools, colleges, & coaching institutions for educational purpose. It is greatly admired for providing accurate information on premium quality paper.
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  2. Noise Pollution Chart

    Noise Pollution Chart is designed using digital printing technology on high quality paper to assure its supreme quality and excellent surface finish. Used for educational purpose & project making, it displays natural & man made causes of noise pollution. These causes include running of vehicles, listening music at high volume, rock shows, and volcanic eruptions. It is known for its clear informative images with vibrant color combination.
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  3. Air Pollution Chart

    Use of Air Pollution Chart is one of the most effective ways of teaching children about the causes of several human activities. It has been printed with colorful images showing different ways of air pollution and their effects on nature. This chart also displays the health concerns due to harmful industrial smoke and emissions from vehicles. It is also provided with a section suggesting remedies to reduce pollution.
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  4. Flora & Fauna Chart

    Flora & Fauna Chart shows the causes of man’s indiscriminate use of natural resources and its effects on wildlife & forests. It is also provided with a section printed with a brief description of endangered species and its reason. In between, this chart has a small world map that displays the origin & natural habitat of animals with their high quality colored images for better understanding.
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  5. Water Pollution chart

    With the increasing industrialization, contamination of water bodies including lakes, rivers, aquifers, & groundwater is also rising. This Water Pollution chart clearly displays the effects of harmful chemicals & byproducts released by industries. It makes it easy for the students to understand the need of saving water for future use. Under every single image, this chart also has a brief description explaining the picture.
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  6. Impacts of Forests Chart

    Impacts of Forests Chart is one of the best ways for explaining children about trees & plants and their role in our lives. It is beautifully designed & digitally printed with high quality images clearly showing their purpose. This chart also has a short note written about each image. It is required to learn about the importance of forests, their need, and causes of destruction due to human activities.
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  7. Soil Conservation Chart

    Soil Conservation Chart is extensively utilized in educational sector for classroom teaching and project work. It displays the method for retaining the fertility of soil & its loss that might occur from erosion and over usage. This chart is beautifully printed with high definition images clearly showing their purpose. For easy & efficient understanding, a short description of every single picture is also provided with it.
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  8. Population Explosion Chart

    Population Explosion Chart is one of the innovative creations for educating school children about one of the most sensitive topics. It is designed for teaching about the increasing population due to lack of knowledge of people living in rural areas. This chart has been printed with simple but highly effective cartoon images displaying the population explosion’s negative effects with measures to be taken for its control.
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  9. Non Conventional Sources of Energy Chart

    Non Conventional Sources of Energy Chart is the most effective method for educating children about the renewable energy resources that are known not to cause any harm to the environment. It includes energy generated from wind, geothermal heat, solar, and biomass from farms. This chart also displays the method of its domestic & industrial use and instruments that can be run with its help. It can easily be cut and pasted on the practical notebook or scrap book using an adhesive.
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