1. Microscope Set

    Microscope Set is required for magnifying micro-particles and for watching microorganisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye. It is most commonly used in school laboratories for allowing students to see sections of plant leaves, blood & cheek cells, and stained slides. This set is comprised of a light source that can be a bulb or mirror, an eyepiece, magnifying lenses, fine & coarse adjusting knobs, and slide placing platform.
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  2. Student Microscope

    Student Microscope is widely used for the magnification of cells, bacteria, parasites, and cross sections of different body organs. It is utilized in laboratories of schools, hospitals, research centers, colleges, and clinics. This microscope can have its own light source or it can use natural sunlight for showing the picture through the lens. It can be used for the examination of stained blood slides, gram positive & negative bacteria, and morphology of plant leaves.
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