Moral Story Charts

  1. Thirsty Crow Chart

    Thirsty Crow Chart beautifully depicts about the story with brief description written in both Hindi & English languages. It has pictorial representation of every single event happened in thirsty crow story from inserting pebbles in pot to drinking water at end. This chart allows kids to learn about the complete story by just following the printed images. It is greatly admired for its vibrant color combination and water resistant coated surface.
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  2. Hare & the Lion Chart

    Hare & the Lion Chart is printed with light fast colors showing the pictorial representation of this very famous story. It has precisely arranged pictures of each event covered in this story including the meeting done by lion with other animals, their reaction, hare’s talk with the lion & its jump in the well. This chart also has a section at the bottom where the complete scenario is explained in Hindi & English.
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  3. Greedy Dog Chart

    Greedy Dog Chart is extensively used in play way & nursery sections for hanging on the wall or pasting it on the chart board. It is required to educate kids about the negative effects of greed with the help of this beautifully printed story. This chart is comprised of six separate images that complete the whole story in an interactive manner. For better & clear understanding, it is also provided with a written description at the end.
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  4. Monkey & Hawker Chart

    Monkey & Hawker Chart teach kids about the intelligence of a person who was engaged in the business of selling caps. It is comprised of most beautiful & precise representation of the story with pictures of each event. This chart is designed to allow kids to interact with their teachers or guardians to learn effectively & with complete interest. It is digitally printed using high quality inks & paper to assure its durability.
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  5. Unity Is Strength Chart

    Unity Is Strength Chart displays the story of the collective effort of birds which allowed them to escape from the catcher’s net. It has been printed with six separate pictures that cover the whole scenario. This chart also consists of a section where the complete story is written in Hindi & English. It has beautiful colored images that create zeal of learning in the mind of children.
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  6. Who Will Bell The Cat Chart

    Who Will Bell The Cat Chart is greatly admired for its supreme pictorial representation with attractive colors. It displays the story of rats that are in problem due to a cat who eat them one by one. This chart has beautifully printed images, each showing a separate event having connectivity with the previous picture. It creates an interactive way for the teachers to educate nursery kids.
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