Nursing Charts

  1. Foot Presentation Chart

    Foot Presentation Chart shows the position of fetus in mother’s womb with the picture and its brief description. It is also provided with the information of very rare knee presentation. This chart is highly appreciated for its beautiful & clearly representing colorful images with white background. It consists of an aluminum frame along the edges of a laminated board. This chart has been prepared under medical supervision to assure its accuracy.
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  2. Shoulder Presentation Chart

    Shoulder Presentation Chart depicts pictorial representation of fetus position in the womb during various conditions. It is provided with the epidemiology, causes, diagnosis, management, and complications associated with such kind of presentation. This chart is widely used in medical institutions for the clear and better understanding of the concept. It is printed with two images showing dorsoposterior and dorsoanterior shoulder presentation.
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  3. Face Presentation Chart

    Face Presentation Chart is printed with high quality images of position of fetus in the uterus. It depicts left & right occiput anterior, left & right occiput transverse & posterior, left & right mentum, and breech presentations. With the images, it is also comprised of a brief written description at the top. This chart is most commonly used in secondary schools and medical colleges for education purpose to assure better learning.
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  4. Brow Presentation Chart

    Brow Presentation Chart displays the position of the baby having largest area of his head trying to fit through the pelvis during birth. It is printed with colorful images showing the exact position of fetus in the womb during such condition. This chart depicts the situation which occurs when baby’s neck and head are slightly deflexed or extended. It is also provided with short written description along with pictures.
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  5. Twin Presentation Chart

    Twin Presentation Chart displays the process behind the production of two offspring during same pregnancy. It is divided into two sections where one depicts the step by step process of dizygotic and other shows monozygotic twins. This chart is highly appreciated for showing clear pictorial information of how one zygote splits into two embryos and two separate eggs implants on the uterine wall. Every stage is named alongside to assure clear and better learning.
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  6. Placenta Praevia Chart

    Placenta Praevia Chart displays the information about abnormal implantation in the uterus, near or over the cervical opening. At the top, it is provided with the short definition of the condition with different pictures under it showing the positions that might happen during placenta praevia. This chart also depicts the risk factors and the amount of area of cervical opening covered with each situation.
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