Physical Geography Charts

  1. Heavenly Bodies Chart

    Heavenly Bodies Chart has the beautiful pictorial representation of constellations, types of galaxies, and our solar system. At the top, it is provided with the images of northern & southern heaven in a blue colored circle. This chart also has the symbols of 12 sun signs with their respective names. It is most commonly used for classroom teaching and for pasting it on the notebook.
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  2. Solar System Chart

    Solar System Chart is extensively utilized in junior, primary, & secondary schools for teaching the names of all the planets with their brief information. It is comprised of orbits of solar system with short description, all the planet images with names, and their distance from each other. This chart is also used for making project by cutting & pasting it into the scrap book. It is highly appreciated for its good quality of paper & glossy appearance.
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  3. Ocean Chart

    Ocean Chart displays the brief information about the water body which covers about 71% of the total earth. It has excellent images showing vertical determination of ocean life, circulation of water, reason for tsunami, and coastline features with the names of layers. This chart has been coated with BOPP film from both the sides assuring its durability & high tear resistance.
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