Physical Maps

  1. India Physical Map

    India Physical Map is required for the clear identification of geographical features of the country. It shows mountains, valleys, Indian Peninsula, and other physiographic regions of the country. This map has brown & green colored shaded regions for better understanding of children. It also shows territorial borders with soil type, rail & bus roads, and flowing rivers. This map is widely used for classroom teaching and also for project making purpose.
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  2. World Physical Map

    World Physical Map is mainly utilized in the educational sector for teaching about the geographical regions & conditions of the world. It displays all the continents, water bodies including seas, rivers, & lakes, plateaus, mountains, and deserts. This map has multiple colored shaded regions for distinct identification. It also shows the approximate depths & heights of areas around the world. This map is printed on premium grade paper with polyethylene film coating over its surface assuring its high water resistance.
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  3. Synthetic Maps

    Synthetic Maps are made using advanced technology under the surveillance of adroit professionals assuring its excellent quality. They are printed on synthetic material which is waterproof in nature and can easily be cleaned for removing dust with soft cloth. These maps are widely used in primary & secondary schools and coaching institutions for educational purposed. They are highly appreciated for their colorfast nature and high durability.
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  4. Africa Physical Map

    Africa Physical Map clearly displays 8 major physical regions including the Sahara, Sahel, Ethiopian Highlands, Savanna, Swahili coast, Rain Forest, African Great Lakes, & Southern Africa. Being the second largest continent, it also shows Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Indian & Atlantic Oceans. This map is also required for the identification of plateaus and agricultural lands in Africa. It can be availed in Hindi & English languages and in different sizes as desired by the customer.
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  5. Europe Physical Map

    Europe Physical Map is provided with supreme quality plastic pipe on its top & bottom for easy rolling. It is mainly required for educational purpose to let children learn and understand different physiographic regions including mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, & oceans around Europe. Printed on premium quality glossy paper, this map is highly appreciated for having numerous color shades & symbol markings for clear identification of different areas.
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  6. North America Physical Map

    North America Physical Map is printed using latest digital printing technology on supreme quality glossy paper. It is most commonly required in educational institutions including schools, colleges, & coaching centers. This map clearly shows the mountains, plains, plateaus, and rivers that lie in the Northern subcontinent of America. It is also provided with the images of some major valleys, oceans, and mountains for better understanding.
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  7. South America Physical Map

    South America Physical Map allows students to clearly identify the two principal highland areas including the Brazilian & Guiana. It also displays the boundaries of Amazon River where mountains & plateaus are situated. This map is highly appreciated for its water resistant nature due to the coating of BOPP film that also makes it durable in nature. It is provided with the values of approximate height & depth of physical regions with different color codes.
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