Physics Charts

  1. Motion Chart

    Motion Chart depicts the movement of various objects and classifies it in different types. It is printed with high quality images showing rectilinear, curvilinear, rotational, oscillatory, & periodic motions. With their respective types, this chart is also provided with several pictures for better understanding. Its every single part can be easily cut and pasted on the notebook for project & home work purpose. At the top, this chart is printed with a two line definition of motion.
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  2. Changes Around Us Chart

    Changes Around Us Chart is innovatively designed to educate about various chemical, natural, & human processes occurring in the environment. It is provided with images of plant growth, cracker burning, cooking, flying of hot air balloon, lightning, forest fire, vegetable chopping, & rusting. These pictures are categorized as slow, fast, reversible, irreversible, periodic, non-periodic, desirable, undesirable, physical, & chemical changes. Apart from printed pictures, it also has some other written examples corresponding to the category.
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  3. Measurements Chart

    Measurements Chart displays different methods of measuring length, mass, time & temperature, thickness, surface area, & volume. It is printed with the images of measuring tools including body parts for foot & cubit, weights, scale, and marked cylinders with examples. This chart is highly appreciated for its supreme image & color quality and glossy surface finish. To assure its high tear resistance, it is coated with BOPP film on both sides.
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  4. Sound Chart

    Sound Chart is designed & printed having pictorial representation of how sound waves are perceived by ears and their generation in ear drums. It is also comprised of an approximate cartoon image showing the measurement of different sounds on a decibel scale. This chart also has graphical representation of sound characteristics, sonic boom, and ultrasound & echo. All the information in this chart is provided in separate sections with brief description.
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  5. Wave Motion Chart

    Wave Motion Chart depicts the process & examples of transference of energy in a medium that is caused by some disturbance. It is divided into three sections where first shows pictorial & graphical representation of transverse wave, middle one displays longitudinal waves, and last part has some of natural & man made examples of wave motion including ripples on the surface of water, sunlight, propagating seismic waves, and sound.
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  6. Simple Machine Chart

    Simple Machine Chart displays the working of lever, pulley, wedge, inclined plane, wheel & axle, and screw. It beautifully describes the principle behind their operation with short description and motion types. This chart is also printed with the mathematical formula corresponding to each mechanical advantage. All the examples of machine are separately enclosed in a box to assure easy cutting & pasting on the note book.
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  7. The Lever Chart

    The Lever Chart is printed with its definition and three main components at the top. It is also comprised of three different classes of lever with their respective pictorial representation & examples. A perfect color combination is used to assure its attractiveness and easy to understand nature. In every example, this chart displays all the components with the help of arrow markings including effort, fulcrum, & load.
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  8. Archimedes Principal Chart

    Archimedes Principal Chart displays the pictorial representation of the law which states that a buoyant force exerted on a body immersed in fluid is equal to the weight of fluid displaced by that object. It is printed with different examples including floating log & ship, sinking rock, and high rise balloons. Under each image, its explanation is also provided for clearly understanding the concept.
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  9. Pascal's Law Chart

    Pascal's Law Chart depicts the theory about the principle behind working of hydraulically powered machines. With the simple & clear image, it is provided with a description of Pascal’s law with few of its applications and working. This chart shows how pressure applied to a fluid in closed system transmits equal pressure throughout in all directions. It is also provided with the formula with the meaning of any initial used.
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  10. Reflection of Light Chart

    Reflection of Light Chart is printed having three separate sections that explain the laws and image formation principle. It is highly appreciated for its vibrant color quality and ability to clear the concept behind light reflection with ease. This chart is widely used in primary & secondary schools for educational purpose. With the properly marked pictures, it is also provided with the written information of laws to ensure better learning.
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