Practical Geography Charts

  1. Surveying Chart

    Surveying Chart is required to understand the details of chain & tape survey. It is printed with the information about method of surveying, required instruments, and land measuring chain. Another section of this chart is provided with the information of plane table survey with briefly written description. It is also fitted with superior quality plastic rollers to the top & bottom and has a coating of polyethylene on both the surfaces.
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  2. Conventional Signs Chart

    Conventional Signs Chart depicts the information and meaning of symbols used in maps or signboards. It is divided into different sections for representing each category. The signs this chart consist of includes boundaries, rail-roads, communication & power lines, water features, settlements, physical features, and vegetations. Different colors are used for displaying the accurate images including blue, black, red, brown, and green. It has been printed on high quality glossy paper and is laminated with polyethylene film.
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  3. Map Projection Chart

    Map Projection Chart is used for learning about nautical data presented by Flemish photographer and Gerardus Mercator in the year 1959. It represents rhumb lines as straight segments conserving the angles with meridians. This chart depicts different methods of map projections in cylindrical, cone, and plane form with accurate pictures. All these projections show the distortions of accurate layout of earth’s surface.
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