Prevent Diseases Charts

  1. Cholera Chart

    Cholera Chart is printed with the image of microscopic view of bowel, causes, symptoms, treatment, and supportive care required. It is highly appreciated for having complete information about cholera in both Hindi & English languages. This chart is most commonly used in schools for educational purpose and for doing project & home work. It has separate images that can easily be cut and pasted on notebook.
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  2. Malaria Chart

    Malaria Chart is made using latest printing technology and high quality paper coated with a layer of polyethylene to assure its good tear resistance and durability. It is comprised of a beautiful pictorial representation of the disease, vector, causes, treatment, symptoms, and supportive care during such conditions. This chart is also provided with the little information of route of administration of malaria parasite. It has information in both Hindi & English languages.
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  3. Aids Chart

    Aids Chart is comprised of beautifully printed image of the microscopic structure of human immune virus with its parts. It clearly displays the complete information about the reason for its cause, symptoms, and precaution needs to be taken by the patients. This chart has colored images for attractive appearance. To create awareness, it is also provided with a section which depicts the ways by which AIDS does not spread.
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  4. Plague Chart

    Plague Chart is provided with the images of microscopic structure of virus, its vector, and causes. It clearly explains the reason, symptoms, treatment, and supportive care required during this condition. With every picture, a brief description is also provided for the better understanding of children. This chart is greatly admired for having plastic rollers on the top & bottom assuring its easy hanging.
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  5. Tuberculosis Chart

    Tuberculosis Chart depicts how Mycobacterium Tuberculosis enters our body and effects, which results in the occurrence of a deadly disease. It is provided with the separate images of the x-ray of healthy & diseased human lungs at the top. Below it, this chart is printed with the information regarding symptoms, causes, and treatment of this condition. It is extensively used in schools for educating students in an interactive fashion.
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  6. Leprosy Chart

    Leprosy Chart explains about a contagious disease that causes discoloration & lumps on the skin. It tells how Mycobacterium leprae infects mucous membranes and nerves of our body. This chart is divided into different sections for separately representing the causes, symptoms, treatment, and supportive care required under such conditions. Beautiful colored images clearly make children understand the reason for this condition. It has information written in both Hindi & English languages.
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  7. Influenza Chart

    Influenza Chart depicts clear microscopic structure of the virus with its brief information at the top. It is divided into two vertical sections, where one is provided with the information in Hindi & another has English description. This chart is comprised of separate images for showing different symptoms including fever, sore throat, running nose, and muscle pain. It is coated with a thin layer of biaxially oriented polypropylene film to assure its high tear resistance.
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  8. Jaundice Chart

    Jaundice Chart displays the pictorial representation of the condition which results in the pigmentation of skin & eyes due to high bilirubin levels. It is printed with an image of healthy & diseased liver at the top with definition of the condition in between. This chart excellently explains the causes and symptoms of jaundice. It is also provided with the information showing what needs to be consumed in diet for curing such condition.
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  9. Cancer Chart

    Cancer Chart is required for educating children about how abnormal cell growth can lead to a malignant tumor. It is made with the digitally printed on high quality paper with a coating of polyethylene from both sides. This chart is provided with the images of different types of tumors at the top having brief information in both Hindi & English languages. It is comprised of different images for showing various symptoms with their definition.
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  10. Typhoid Chart

    Typhoid Chart is comprised of a beautiful pictorial representation of the action of Salmonella typhi, which causes different symptoms. It is provided with the images at the top which shows how bacteria enter into the cell & starts replication. This chart also depicts its causes including eating by unwashed hands, bathing in dirty lake, and walking barefoot on soil. It also has pictures of symptoms & treatment with little written information.
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  11. Viral Diseases Chart

    Viral Diseases Chart is widely used in primary & secondary schools for educating children about the effects of viruses in our body. It is digitally printed with the colored microscopic structure of virus with its parts. This chart allows teachers to teach in an interactive way and is also used for cutting provided images & pasting them into the scrap book for doing home work or project work.
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  12. Chicken Pox Chart

    Chicken Pox Chart is required to teach children about the condition caused by varicella zoster virus. The action of this virus causes rashes on skin in the form of small, itchy blisters. For clear & better understanding, this chart is printed with a picture of healthy & diseased child, where latter one has red marks. It consists of written information in Hindi & English for the ease of learning.
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