Small Geography Charts

  1. Sun & Planet Chart

    Sun & Planet Chart is most commonly used in primary & secondary schools while studying science. It colorfully depicts our solar system including the names of planets with their pictures and distance from sun. This chart is also provided with the information of the length of their one complete orbit around the sun in years. It is greatly admired for its glossy surface finish with easy to stick nature by applying an adhesive.
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  2. Nature Water Cycle Chart

    Nature Water Cycle Chart is digitally printed using perfect color combination on high grade paper. It is highly appreciated for its ability to clearly make understand children about the natural process of complete water cycle. This chart is provided with images displaying evaporation, condensation, transportation, & precipitation. It has clearly provided written information about the whole phenomenon. Precisely marked arrows also display the direction of vaporized water and its recycling.
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  3. Day and Night Chart

    Day and Night Chart efficiently display the concept behind the Earth’s rotation around the sun. With the printed clear pictures, it also has written information about the whole phenomenon behind the revolution of the third planet of our solar system. This chart is provided with a section at bottom having world map with individually colored countries showing the occurrence of night & day at same time.
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  4. Earthquake Chart

    Earthquake Chart is used for understanding the concept behind shaking of earth’s surface due to sudden release of energy in lithosphere. It is clearly marked with different colors showing the direction of seismic waves & their effect. This chart is also provided with a section depicting the method & principle of measuring & detecting the occurrence of this natural phenomenon. It is widely used for pasting these pictures while doing school project work.
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  5. Weather Instrument Chart

    Weather Instrument Chart displays the devices that are used for measuring some natural processes occurring in our environment. It is printed with the images of thermometer, barometer, sling psychrometer, rain gauge, wind vane, anemometer, weather balloon, hygrometer, compass, & sunshine recorder. With these pictures, this chart also has brief information about their use. These instruments are required for measuring rainfall, weather conditions in higher atmosphere, air humidity, & wind speed.
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  6. Volcano Chart

    Volcano Chart is provided with each & every information in brief with beautiful colorful pictures about the volcanic eruptions. It is digitally printed with volcano structure, classification based on the type, & activity, and active volcanoes of the world. At the bottom, this chart has a small world map having individual colors showing the regions of volcanoes. It is high in demand due to its dual language printed description including Hindi & English.
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