1. Reflector Telescope

    Reflector Telescope was first invented by Sir Isaac Newton in the 17th century as an alternative to refracting telescope. To form an image, this telescope uses a single or combination of curved mirrors that reflect light. It uses objective lenses that collect much more light as compared to the eye and forms a distant object. This instrument is highly appreciated for creating a clear picture.
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  2. Telescope Model

    Telescope Model educates children about the principle behind watching distant objects with the help of this instrument. It is a type of optical instrument which collects electromagnetic radiations for focusing on remote objects to make them clearly visible. This model is most commonly utilized in schools and colleges for project work & to be kept in science labs. It is comprised of a diagonal mirror, eyepiece, tripod stand, adjustable knob, and its body is made of high quality ABS.
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  3. Astrolon Telescope

    Astrolon Telescope is comprised of 3 eyepieces, aluminum tripod stand, and objective lens. It is extensively used in schools for educational purpose. This instrument allows children to learn about constellations by looking up into the outer space. It has the magnification range of up to 345X, focal length 600mm, and Barlow lens of 2.3x. This telescope is also comprised of nuts for adjusting positions vertically and controlling the rotation.
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