Yogasana Charts

  1. Shankh Prakshalan Chart

    Shankh Prakshalan Chart is required to teach children about the techniques of doing yoga. It is printed with beautiful images showing different positions with written information under each one. This chart is highly appreciated for clearly depicting pictures. It has a section at the end provided with the health benefits. This chart can be availed in both Hindi & English Languages.
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  2. Surya Namaskar Chart

    Surya Namaskar Chart is comprised of all twelve steps for complete exercise of body. It helps in relieving pressure and makes your body strong. This chart displays all the positions for doing Surya Namaskar beautifully with the pictorial representation. There is a section at the center which is provided with its benefits. It is also provided with the name and explanation & of every single step under its respective image.
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  3. Sarvangasan & Halasan Chart

    Sarvangasan & Halasan Chart explains the benefits of doing yoga regularly in the morning. The asan shown in this chart is known to reduce fat, improves digestive system, enhance blood circulation, and strengthen your liver. It is digitally printed having pictures with brief explanation of each step to assure better understanding. This asan also energizes your body, stretches your ligaments, relieves constipation, and rejuvenates your back.
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  4. Spine & Related Organs Chart

    Spine & Related Organs Chart is widely utilized in schools and educational institutions for teaching students. It is provided with the images of different body postures with their respective benefits. This chart also consists of a picture showing the images and names of body organs and parts of our spinal cord. It also displays the position of psychic centers and endocrine glands. This chart is laminated with plastic film from both the sides to assure its high tear resistance.
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  5. Healthy Eye Chart

    Healthy Eye Chart is extensively used in nursery, play-way, & primary schools to teach kids about how to maintain good health of their eyes. It is provided with beautiful images showing the position of eye-ball with the arrows for exercising purpose. This chart is also comprised of a section showing vegetables that are beneficial for eye health. Apart from this, it is also provided with the images and written description of yoga position that is helpful for eyes.
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