Zoology Chart

  1. Animal Cell Chart

    Animal Cell Chart is highly appreciated for having high quality big size picture with proper markings of every single part. It is printed with a cross section of animal cell having individual colors for organelles. This is also provided with a brief functioning of cell’s different parts. It is extensively utilized in primary & schools for educational purpose. This chart can be availed in English language & different sizes as desired by the customer.
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  2. Animal Cell Organelles Chart

    Animal Cell Organelles Chart is printed with high quality images of nucleus, chloroplast, internal structure of mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, plasma membrane, and Golgi complex. It is required to study the biology of animal cell with their function and microscopic structures. This chart has individual colors for each part with their names. It is most commonly used in schools & tuition centers for teaching purposes.
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  3. Animal Tissues Chart

    Animal Tissues Chart is used for the identification & differentiation of epithelial, connective, Muscular, & Nervous tissues. It is printed with colorful pictures having their respective names & types. This chart allows children to learn about the structural configuration of animal tissues. It also depicts their coverings & linings for clear & better understanding. This chart is provided with plastic rollers on the top & bottom to assure its easy hanging & proper rolling.
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  4. Animal cell Mitosis Chart

    Animal cell Mitosis Chart is most commonly used for studying biology. It is printed with high quality pictures of different stages of cell division where chromosome divides into two separate nuclei to be distributed in daughter cells. This chart is also provided with brief written information along with respective images to assure better learning. It is known for its good water resistance as a coating of polyethylene film is done on both surfaces.
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  5. Animal Cell Meiosis Chart

    Animal Cell Meiosis Chart is printed having two sections for displaying different processes of cell division. It clearly represents two types of meiosis using high quality colored pictures with a short description of each stage. The first part of this tells how two haploid cells are formed from one single cell, whereas another section educates about the further process of the formation of 4 gametes without duplicated chromosomes from the end product of meiosis I.
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  6. Protozoa Chart

    Protozoa Chart is used in primary & secondary schools for educating children about some of the microscopic organisms. It is printed with diagrammatic & original images of different types of protozoa with their brief information. This chart is highly appreciated for its supreme quality paper & glossy surface finish. It is also laminated with thick plastic film from both the sides to ensure its high tear resistance and durability.
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  7. Amoeba Chart

    Amoeba Chart displays about the life & structure of one of the simplest living animal that belongs to protozoa group having single cell. It is printed with the picture of amoeba at is first half marked with the names of its different parts & their function. The second section of this chart is provided with the pictorial information related to its food digestion & absorption and complete reproduction cycle.
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  8. Malaria Parasite Chart

    Malaria Parasite Chart shows the life cycle of Plasmodium in female Anopheles mosquito and in human body. It is comprised of two sections where one depicts schizogony in man and other part displays sporogony. This chart is highly appreciated for its good quality pictures with vibrant color shades. It has been clearly printed with every single stage of malaria parasite with step by step process guided by marked arrows.
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  9. Paramoecium Chart

    Paramoecium Chart is used to study about the unicellular ciliates present in the freshwater, brackish, & marine environments. It is digitally printed with different colors to show all its parts with locomotion technique and reproduction. To eliminate any misunderstanding, this chart is provided with bright colored arrows which show directions for each stage. Divided into 3 separate sections, it has different colors to differentiate every part for better understanding.
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